How is it the end of Week 9 already? Though, to be fair, this week has been a rather long one. So many deadlines/presentations/meetings/annoying groupmates, so little time. And there’s only more to come *sigh*

Some good things did happen this week though. Presentation went really, really well (classmates actually congratulating on an interesting presentation whut whut whut), scored a belated Diwali invitation and some small things that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a baby bear :D

Some people forget. A bad thing happens to them and their mind sweeps in and buries the bad thing deep, and all that’s left is a stretch of white in their heads, like fresh snow. Looking at it—at them—you wouldn’t even know anything was trapped beneath.

V. E. Schwab, Warm Up

You know how sometimes you have this feeling that everything is life is finally coming together and how you feel like you’re having one of (hopefully) many peaks in your life? Well, yesterday felt a lot like that. Everything was going so smoothly (I think I finally broke my interview jinx and my pass photo looks perfect or at least not cringey when the photographer guy took it), I couldn’t help feeling so thankful.

Very excited for June 2015. Hopefully, I’ll learn a lot from the whole shebang and don’t screw up too much (it tends to happen with me around haha). Actually can’t wait for the whole training bit to start as well! :D

Today’s highlights include:

  • woke up feeling good about the day even though it was 5.30am and I had a long day ahead of me
  • witnessing Raimi’s very adorable snort/burst of laughter in Arabic hahaha (and the moment he did it he looked at me haha definitely +10 friendship - I love these moments)
  • getting back my research outline and the prof actually wants to publish it if the real thing is as good as the outline??? what what what
  • NM presentation going pretty well! I think our group handled the Q&A part well
  • (this might be a little pre-emptive cos it hasn’t happened yet but…) oovoo session with llama and jacq! :D

I like today a lot :)